Here are some of the most important frequently asked questions, so you can have quick access to important information. If you have any additional questions, please contact: police@geneseo.edu

Q1: Where can I find UP on campus?
The University Police Department is located in Schrader Hall (Room 19 in the lower level, follow the signs) and is open 24/7. Just come right in!

Q2: How do I contact UP in case of an emergency?
University Police can be reached at the extension x5222 or by dialing 911. Stay calm, and try your best to efficiently describe the nature of the situation. There are different types of emergency procedures, which are well outlined HERE.

Q3: Can I report an incident online?
Yes! Go to the Information Security form, where you can fill out and submit an incident report all online. Keep in mind that this is not anonymous (see below for how to fill out a form anonymously).

Q4: What if I want to report something anonymously?
We understand that it can sometimes seem intimidating to report criminal activity, so UP has made it easy using the Silent Witness form. It is designed to block out your email address, and can be submitted online to report suspicious activity both on and off-campus.

Q5: Do UP just patrol around on campus?
Aside from making sure students are safe while on patrol, there are a number of on-campus activities that UP are engaged in to get involved with students, check them out here! UP are open to suggestions for more ways to get involved.

Q6: What qualifications does it take to become a member of UP?
Student safety is critical, that is why university police are held to an extremely high standard of hiring qualifications. Aside from a Civil Service exam, physical agility test, and an in-depth background check, officers also receive training in programs such as: Emergency medical services, firearms training, defense tactics, and penal law (see a comprehensive list here). Students can rest assured that they are receiving only the best in protection and police services.


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