How to Stay Safe

With Halloween coming up this week, it is inevitable that there will be parties and drinking. It is important for students to remember that UP is not out to get them during this time. Their biggest concern is that everyone remain safe. And with UP, they are in good hands. If students feel that they are in trouble this weekend (or any time at all) there are a number of resources listed on the UP website for students to turn to.

What are Those Resources?

For instance, the website emphasizes the Blue Light Emergency Phone System present at Geneseo. Various phones are placed all around campus with a recognizable blue light. If there is an emergency, you can simply activate the emergency contact button and you will be connected with a UP dispatcher, who will send an officer immediately to that location. If a student loses his or her phone, it dies, or the student just doesn’t have access to one, the Blue Light Emergency Phone System is a great resource.

This blue light phone is located just to the left of Milne

This blue light phone is located just to the left of Milne

Additionally, the website has links to various outside resources for both the campus and the state. For example, there is a link to a relatively new program on campus, Student Advocate Response Team (SART). This is a program designed for students who have been sexually assaulted. I trained driver along with a Geneseo peer advocate will escort the assaulted student to the nearest hospital so that he or she may receive medical attention SART can be reached by calling Pathways at (585) 237-8860 from the hour of 8pm-8am.

Additional resources include Geneseo First Response, Parking and Transportation Services, the NYS Sex Offender Registry, NYS Office of Victim Services, and more! If a student needs help in any way but doesn’t know where to turn, the resources listed on the website are sure to point them in the right direction.

What if There is an Emergency?

Finally, if you do find yourself in an emergency, the website provides directions for the best and quickest way to report it. Their guidelines include:

  • Call University Police at x5222 or call 911
  • Remain calm and clearly state, “This is an emergency.”
  • Describe the nature of the emergency
  • Give the number from which you’re calling
  • Identify the location of the emergency
  • Be prepared to provide as much detail as possible
  • Don’t hang up until instructed to do so, unless there is an immediate threat to your health and safety

It even gives more information about specific types of emergencies a student might find him or herself in. This chart provides links students can click on for further direction about different types of emergencies:


For example, here are the directions for a psychological crisis and some information about what this type of crisis may look like:

A mental health emergency may include:

  • Suicidal behavior
  • An individual threatening harm to themselves or others
  • A psychotic break characterized by sudden loss of contact with reality or bizarre behavior
  • An unusual or prolonged reaction to traumatic events
  • Any behavior that is unreasonably disturbing to the work environment

What To Do

  1. Call 911
  2. Treat all suicidal comments seriously: never assume comments are made only to gain attention
  3. Try not to act shocked, which may cause further distress to the individual
  4. Keep your own safety in mind at all times; maintain a safe distance

So this weekend just remember, UP is here to help. Their ultimate goal is for this campus to remain a safe place where students can feel comfortable.


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