Crime and Safety Alerts

Another one of the phenomenal services Geneseo UP has to offer students is the crime and safety alert system. And judging by the

You can always feel safe with UP's 911 alerts

You can always feel safe with UP’s 911 alerts

reaction to the safety alert email sent out last night (or early this morning I should say), students are very grateful for it. For those of you who are unaware, around 3:00 this morning Chief Simonetti sent out an emergency notification about some suspicious looking items on campus. Although the suspicious items just turned out to be left over construction material, it is still comforting to know that in the case of a real emergency, all of us students will be made aware of it.

How Does it Work?

Well, every student is sent an email with [Geneseo-911] in the headline. The email goes on to describe the incident. Additionally, the website has links to all of the current crime and safety alerts, which even include travel notifications for traveling around the globe. This service can ensure that you always feel safe on campus, and that you will always be notified if officers even just suspect something is array. Always remember, with Geneseo UP, you are in good hands.


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