If your Driving for Spring Break Remember These Safety Tips!!!

1. Before driving to your destination, have your car checked out by a mechanic to
ensure it can make a long trip.
2. Always keep your car doors locked and your windows up high enough that no
one can reach in.
3. Drive on heavily-traveled highways and avoid making your way too far off of the
interstate. Being lost decreases your vigilance and increases the possibility that
you could become the victim of a crime.
4. Don’t pick up hitchhikers or stop for anyone on the side of the road. You never
know who the person might be or what they are capable of doing if they sense an
opportunity for personal gain.
5. If you have car trouble, especially if you
are driving alone, stay in your car with
your doors and windows locked and call police for assistance. Be wary of
individuals who stop to help.
6. Do not allow anyone in the car to drink alcohol. Many states have open
container laws that prohibit any person in a car from drinking alcohol.
7. If you are tired, trade-off drivers or stop for the night. A night in a motel is
cheaper than the potential costs of falling asleep at the wheel. You can also stop
at a rest stop to nap, but make sure you keep your doors locked. Rest stops are
available on U.S. highways every couple of hours. Some states may restrict the
length of time one can stay at a rest stop.
Have fun and enjoy your time away!!!!!

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