Training Days: Officer Stall

Having graduated only a little over three months ago, Officer David Stall remembers his time training for police work well. He explains it as split into two sections: classroom learning, and hands-on experience.

The time spent in the classroom included many special guest instructors, such as lawyers, different officers, and municipality workers. “A lot of the instructors were really experienced,” explains Stall, “They could really tell us first-hand experience.”

Officer Stall on night patrol

Officer Stall on night patrol

One guest was an officer whose partner was shot in the line of duty. The officer saved the life of his fellow policeman with the EMS skills learned in the academy, really putting into perspective the importance of this training.

The hands-on experience included a lot of work with firearms. The training emphasized proper safety as well as techniques for proper shooting.

Stall explains with a grin that although he didn’t grow up around guns and had never shot one before one of his proudest accomplishments is becoming the “Sharpshooter” of the academy, which he likened to being a school’s top, all-star athlete.

Despite all of these great experiences what stuck with Stall the most was advice on officer safety. “The biggest thing at the end of day is to go home,” says Stall.

A lot of people imagine police officers as reckless people who storm buildings full of criminals alone, but this is hardly the case. An officer faces danger often, and has to keep him or herself safe in order to keep others safe.

Despite the inherent danger associated with police work, Stall keeps a positive attitude, and really enjoyed his time training.

“Overall, the academy was a dream come true,” says Stall with a grin, “I dreamt it and I did it.”


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