College or Police Work? Applying is More Similar Than You Think

Police Training is a full time job. 8:00AM-4:30PM five days a week and occasional Saturdays is the schedule police trainees live by for six months. “It actually,” comments Stall, “reminded me of college.”

The process of becoming part of SUNY Geneseo’s police force is a lot more like applying for colleges than you might think. Stall, a relatively recent college grad, himself, parallels his road to policing to that of student searching for colleges.

“Growing up my whole life,” explains Stall, “I’ve had a will and desire to help people.” Like any high school student, he knew what he liked but just wasn’t sure how to apply it. So he turned to one of the great experimental opportunities available for students: extracurricular activities.

Stall describes his choices in life like building blocks towering up to the level of genuine policing. It was a ride along with a police officer in high school that sparked his interest, and the rest just seemed to fall into place: a degree in criminal justice, a college internship with NYS troopers, an internship at Disney World that led to a job with their security department, and finally a job with TSA at a Buffalo airport.

With a resume as strong as his, policing was Stall’s next logical step. After taking a Civil Service Exam specifically related to state university police work (the SAT of the police world), Stall sent out his resume across the state.

He earned many interviews, but only attended one—SUNY Geneseo—where he got the job. Although getting the job doesn’t just mean starting police work, it means starting training. But the payoff—the job helping people—is already set, locked into the future, a nice perk of policing I’m sure many college grads are envious of.


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